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Lesson 10: Accents and word stress

There are four classes of word stress and accent. All Filipino words fall into one of these four classes:

malumayno accent
maluměgrave accent
mabilísacute accent
maragsâcircumflex accent

Each class name is an example the stress and accent of the words in the class. The words in each class have the same word stress and accent as the class name. Thus, all words in the malumay class have no accent. All words in the malumě class have the grave accent. All words in the mabilís class have the acute accent. All words in the maragsâ class have the circumflex accent.

Technically, the accents are part of the written language. In practice, many Filipino writers omit the accents. If you grew up with the language, you would know how to pronounce words from the context. If not, you would find the accents useful aids to pronunciation.

Click here to listen and practice speaking.

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