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Lesson 113: A day in the life of . . . Part 1

Here are some verbs for actions and events of daily life.

1. gumisingto wake up 
2. bumangonto get up 
3. maligoto bathe 
4. maghilamosto wash one’s face 
5. magbihisto change clothes 
6. magsapatosto put on shoes 
7. isuot ang sapatosto put on shoes 
8. alisin ang sapatosto take off shoes 
9. mag-agahanto eat breakfast 
10. mag-almusalto eat breakfast 
11. kumainto eat 
12. uminomto drink 
13. magsipilyoto brush teeth 
14. umihito urinate 
15. tumaeto defecate 
16. umalis ng bahayto leave the house 

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