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Lesson 153: Self-Check 1

By now you can expect to be able to express the following thoughts in Filipino.
You have seen and heard these ideas and sentences throughout this course.
Don't translate word for word.
Read one sentence aloud in English,
then express its thought in Filipino in "your own words."
What should happen is: the Filipino words and phrases
you have internalized should come forward.
Keep moving. Say aloud whatever comes to mind.
Then move on to the next sentence.

Ika-3 ng Octobre

It's 6:30 in the evening. I'm in my room waiting for supper. I'm hungry, but we're waiting for my dad. My mom is in the kitchen. Kiko is taking a shower. He is singing.

We're going to eat chicken adobo and salmon sinigang. Do I like chicken adobo? Of course I do. I like it a lot. But I don't like pinakbet. My mom says I need to eat vegetables. She's right. I agree.

Yesterday we ate at a restaurant. There were a lot of people, but nobody was smoking. We sat at a table near a window. I ate a lot of vegetables. Mom had a salad. Dad had the crispy pata. Kiko ordered beef bistig. We were full.

We talked about our vacation. We will go on vacation to Baguio. Kiko has never been to Baguio. I don't want to go to Baguio, but that's where we will go for vacation.

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