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Lesson 159: ANG-phrase with object-focus verb

Statement Question Command
Affirmative The cake was eaten by you. Was the cake eaten by you? Eat the cake.
Negative The cake was not eaten by you. Wasnít the cake eaten by you? Donít eat the cake.

Affirmative Ang kalamay ay kinain mo. Ang kalamay ay kinain ko ba? Ang kalamay ay kainin mo.
Negative Ang kalamay ay hindi ko kinain. Ang kalamay ay hindi ko ba kinain? Ang kalamay ay huwag mong kainin.
Affirmative Kinain ko ang kalamay. Kinain ko ba ang kalamay? Kainin ko ang kalamay.
Negative Hindi ko kinain ang kalamay. Hindi ko ba kinain ang kalamay? Huwag mong kainin ang kalamay.

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