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Lesson 18: -Um- verbs

-um- verbs are actor-focus verbs.
Their subject is the doer of their action.
These verbs are like the verbs in the active voice in English.
Other actor focus verbs are the mag- and ma- verbs.

Infinitive Present Past Recent Past Future English
dumating dumadating dumating kadadating dadating to arrive
umalis umaalis umalis kaaalis aalis to depart
kumain kumakain kumain kakakain kakain to eat
umorder umoorder umorder kaoorder oorder to order (e.g., food at a restaurant)
bumili bumibili bumili kabibili bibili to buy

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RootAffixOngoing | PresentCompleted | PastFuture






gumagaw‚ namŠn pŰ aků. gumaw‚ ka namŠn. gagaw‚ sana siyŠ.
gumagaw‚ kayů. gumaw‚ palŠ silŠ! BakŠ gagaw‚ itů.
HindÓ iyŠn gumagaw‚. gumaw‚ sana itů. gagaw‚ ba ang mga tatay at nanay?
gumagaw‚ ng‚ si KikÚ. gumaw‚ rin iyůn. gagaw‚ namŠn kamŪ.
gumagaw‚ raw sinŠ KikÚ at Charina. gumaw‚ ang tatay. HindÓ tayo gagaw‚.

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