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Lesson 2: Have you always wanted to learn Filipino | Tagalog?

Wait no longer. We have made it easier for you. And more fun.

We have uncovered the basic patterns of Filipino sentences and developed a learning system around these patterns. We created thirty lessons of just the right length (a half hour) to enable you to learn these patterns. From the get go you will speak in complete sentences, talking about everyday things at home, at school, at work and around town.

Meet the Santos family: Amado, the father; Nene, the mother; Kiko, the son; and Charina, the daughter. Come into their home and become a part of their everyday family life. Listen in (or read in) on their conversations, which we have illustrated with comic strips. Follow them as they go through the cycles of the day, week, month, year and life.

Learn and practice the sounds of Filipino working with your instructor. Or download and work with the sound files from our companion website, www.tagalog1.com.

Our approach is straightforward. The emphasis is on conversation. Speak in complete sentences from the start. Learn all and only the grammar you need. Acquire an active vocabulary consisting of the top 750 words in the language. If you do one lesson a day, you can learn Filipino in 30 days! Spread the 30 days over a year, a semester or even over a month.

We have not made Filipino easy (it is what it is), but we have certainly made learning it easier and more fun. Mag-Filipino po tayo!

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