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We begin our study of Filipino sentence patterns.

There are three overall patterns of Filipino basic sentences:
We start with examples.
Kikois funny.1: Describe somebody or something
Charinawent to the market.2: Somebody or something does something
Hewas taken to the hospital.3: To somebody or something happens something

Now we abstract the patterns from the examples.
1: Describe somebody or somethingANG-phraseAY adjective-phrase or ANG-phraseoptional NG-phraseoptional SA-phrase
2: Somebody or something does somethingANG-phrase AY actor-focus-verboptional NG-phraseoptional SA-phrase
3: To somebody or something happens somethingANG- phraseAY object-focus-verboptional NG-phraseoptional SA-phrase

We learn these patterns over the next three modules.

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