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Lesson 37: ANG-phrase: reference chart

An ANG-phrase can be one of the following four elements:

| = "or"
ANG-case personal namesi | siná
ANG-case non-personal nameang | ang mga
ANG-case personal pronoun akó | ikáw | siyá | tayo | kami | kayó | silá
ANG-case non-personal pronoun itó | iyán | iyón | ang mga itó | ang mga iyán | ang mga iyón

How ANG-phrases are used:

1. The subject of a Filipino sentence, when one exists, is an ANG-phrase.

Some, few, sentences do not have a subject, such as "It's raining." "Umuulan."

2. When the verb is actor-focus, the ANG-phrase is the doer of the action.

3. When the verb is object-focus, the ANG-phrase is the receiver of the action.

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