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Lesson 38: Mga pang-urì: adjectives

Many, many adjectives in Filipino begin with ma-.
Just take a root word, put ma- in front and, voila, you have an adjective.

Mga halimbawà:
linismalinisItó ang isuot mong damit; itó ay malinis. Wear this dress; it's clean.
dumímadumíMadumi ang kalyeng itó. This street is dirty.
bagalmabagalMabagal yata itong relong itó. This clock seems slow.
bilismabilisMasyadong mabilis ang relo mo. Your watch is too fast.
initmainitMainit pa ang café; palamigin mo muna. The coffee is still hot; let it cool down first.
lamigmalamigMalamig ang aking inumin. My drink is cold.

Here are examples of adjectives that don't begin in ma-.

busógfull (not hungry)
guapohandsome (from Spanish), guapa is the female form
pangitugly (not good-looking)
punôfull (not empty)

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