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Lesson 40: The predicate marker AY and sentence word order

The basic Filipino sentence either has AY in it or not.
If it does, we say it is in SP-order.



If not, we say it is in PS-order.



In SP-order the subject comes before AY.
In PS-order, chances are the subject is found towards the end of the sentence.

In any case, the subject is in the ANG-case
(marked by ang or si, if a noun).


Position 1Position 2Position 3
SP-orderSi NeneAYnagluto ng pinakbet.
SP-orderAkoAYmahal ni Charina.
SP-orderAng mga manggaAYmatatamis.
PS-orderNagluto ng pinakbetsi Mameng
PS-orderMahalako (ni Charina).
PS-orderMatatamisang mga mangga.



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