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Lesson 44: Word linkers

Use linkers to connect words in the following situations:
Adjective + nounMabait na bata
Noun + adjectiveBatang mabait
Pronoun + nounIyong anak
Pronoun + infinitiveGustó kong kumain

Linkers make spoken Filipino sound better. People may understand you if you omit connectors, but they will understand you better if you use connectors. For a better sound, add –ng to a word ending in a vowel and –g to a word ending in n.

A word ends in a vowelAdd -ngTayo: tayong lahat
A word ends with nAdd –gAkin: aking laruan
A word ends with a consonantUse the separate word naMabilis: mabilis na sasakyan

Click here to listen and practice speaking.

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