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Lesson 61: NG-phrase: reference chart

A NG-phrase can be one of the following four elements:

| = "or"
NG-case personal nounNI | NINÁ
NG-case non-personal nounNG | NG MGA
NG-case personal pronounko | mo | niyá | natin| namin | NINYÓ | NILÁ
NG-case non-personal pronounNITÓ | NIYÁN | NIYÓN | NG MGA ITÓ | NG MGA IYÁN | NG MGA IYÓN

How NG-phrases are used:
1. A NG-phrase can be used to express ownership.
2. When the verb is actor-focus, a NG-phrase is the receiver of the action; it's direct object.
3. When the verb is object-focus, a NG-phrase is the doer of the action.

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