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Lesson 83: 2D: "Something (a non-personal pronoun) performs an action"

We often say that something performs an action.
When we refer to that something by a pronoun (non-personal pronoun),
we have what we call pattern 2D:

Pattern 2DNon-personal pronounAY actor-focus verb
English exampleItfell and broke.
Filipino exampleItoay nahulog at nabasag.

In the pattern definition above:
"Non-personal pronoun" can be replaced by "one or more non-personal pronouns."
"Actor-focus verb" can be replaced by "one or more actor-focus verbs."

Compare the different patterns:
2A Personal nameKiko is moving.
2B Personal pronounWe are not moving.
2C Non-personal nameMother is moving.
2D Non-personal pronounIt is moving.

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