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Lesson 87: 3A: "To somebody (a personís name) happens an action"

We often say something happens to somebody.
When we refer to that somebody by name,
we have what we call pattern 3A.

Pattern 3APersonal nameAY object-focus verb
Nenewas helped by Charina at the market.
Si Neneay tinulungan ni Charina sa palengke.

In the pattern definition above:
"Personal name" can be replaced by "one or more personal names."
"Object-focus verb" can be replaced by "one or more object-focus verbs."

Compare the different patterns:
3A Personal nameCharina was given a gift.
3B Personal pronounWe were not given gifts.
3C Non-personal nameMother was given the gift of music.
3D Non-personal pronounIt was given many gifts.

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