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go backward urong
go forward sulong
agree sumáng-ayon
arrive dumating
avoid umiwas
bargain tumawad
be able to eat makakain
be able to feel maramdamán
be able to go in makapasok
be able to see makita
be able to sell s.t. maipagbilí
be able to sleep makatulog
be able to take or get s.t. makuha
be able to talk to s.b. makausap
be able to taste s.t. malasahan
be able to watch mapanoód
be accepted tanggapín
be acquainted with s.b. kilalanin
be added to idagdág
be allowed payagan
be angry magalit
be angry at someone pagalitan
be approached lapitan
be avoided iwasan
be awaited hintayín
be begun umpisahan
be believed paníwalaan
be bored mainíp
be bought bilhín
be broken or destroyed sirain
be called tawagin
be careful mag-ingat
be carried or taken dalhín
be consumed maubos
be consumed ubusin
be cooked lutuin
be cooked ilutň
be covered matakpán
be delivered ihatíd
be done or made gawín
be drunk inumín
be eaten kainin
be entered ipasok
be expected asahan
be finished tapusin
be first, to go first mauná
be fooled or teased lokohin
be forgotten makalimutan
be frugal, to save money magtipíd
be given ibigáy
be good, to behave magpakabuti
be heard mariníg
be held hawakan
be helped pakitulungan
be helped tulungan
be hidden itagň
be hungry magutom
be late mahulí
be left behind iwanan
be listened to pakinggán
be long (in duration) magtagál
be looked at pakitignán
be looked at tignán
be lost mawalâ
be loved mahalín
be loved ibigin
be lucky suwertehín
be needed kailangan
be paid bayaran
be passed by daanan
be passed by daanan
be prayed for ipagdasál
be prepared ihandâ
be put ilagáy
be put away for ipagligpít
be remembered maalala
be removed alisín
be requested hingín
be returned isaulě
be said or done slowly pakibagalan
be shown mercy kaawaán
be smelled maamóy
be taken kunin
be taken along isama
be taken out ilabás
be tightened higpitan
be traveled by walking lakarin
be tried subukan
be understood maintindihan
be used gamitin
be visited puntahán
be watched panoorin
be wrapped balutin
beg forgiveness humingî ng tawad
begin mag-umpisá
begin magsimulâ
believe maniwalâ
bluff mambola
borrow humirám
borrow (money) mangutang
break mabalě
break s.t. masirŕ
bring (s.t.) magdalá
bring out maglabás
brush teeth magsipilyo
buy bumili
change clothes magbihis
clean maglinis
climb umakyát
come near lumapit
confess magtapát
consume umubos
continue magpatuloy
cook maglutň
dance sumayáw
defecate dumumi
deliver maghatíd
do, to make gumawâ
dream managinip
drink uminóm
drive magmaneho
eat kumain
eat breakfast mag-almusál
enter pumasok
exert effort magsikap
expect umasa
fall mahulog
feel shame mahiyâ
fight makipag-away
finish matapos
float lumutang
fly lumipád
fool around maglukó
fool around maglakuatsa
fool around, not to work magbulakból
forgive magpatawad
get along makisama
get on a vehicle sumakay
get ready humandâ
get sick magkasakít
get up bumangon
give magbigáy
give permission pumayag
give thanks magpasalamat
go magpuntá
go pumuntá
go along sumama
go down bumabâ
go far lumayô
go home umuwî
go to church magsimbá
happen mangyari
have a dance party magsayawan
have a snack magmerienda
have lunch mananghalian
have somebody buy for oneself ipakibilí
have somebody cook for oneself ipaglutň
have somebody make allowances for oneself pagbigyán
have somebody move away from oneself layuán
have somebody prepare for oneself ipaghandâ
have something run out on oneself maubusan
have supper maghapunan
help tumulong
hurry magmadalî
improve umunlád
insist magpumilit
kiss an elder's hand magmano
laugh tumawa
leave word, to send word magbilin
leave. umalís
lie magsinungalíng
lie down humigâ
lie down mahigâ
listen makiníg
load up magkargá
lose matalo
make a mess magkalát
make a phone call magtelefono
make a profit magtubň
make a request makiusap
order (at a restaurant) umorder
pack and take with you magbaon
pass pumasá
pass by dumaán
pay magbayad
perspire pawisan
place maglagáy
play maglarô
play basketball magbasketball
play the piano magpiano
pray magdasál
prepare maghandâ
pretend magkailâ
pull over tumabí
put on shoes magsapatos
put things away magligpít
read magbasá
recite a poem tumulâ
reconcile makipagbatî
request humingî
rest magpahingá
rest magpahingá
run tumakbó
save magtipíd
sell magtindá
share a ride with s.b. makisakáy
sing kumantá
sing umawit
sit umupô
sleep matulog
smell bad. mangamóy
smoke cigarettes manigarilyo
snore maghilík
speak magsalitâ
speak Spanish magkastilŕ
speak with someone makipag-usap
spend money gumastos
stand tumayô
stand tumayô
steal magnakaw
step out lumabás
stop humintô
study mag-aral
swim lumangoy
take kumuha
take a bath maligň
tango magtanggo
teach magturň
tell a story magkuwento
tell the truth magsabi ng totoó
think mag-isíp
travel maglakbáy
travel magbiyahe
urinate umihě
wait maghintáy
wake up gumising
walk maglakad
walk maglakád
walk lumakad
wash maghugas
wash clothes maglabá
wash one's face maghilamos
waste mag-aksayá
watch a show manoód
win manalo
win magwagî
win manalo
wipe magpunas
work magtrabaho
write sumulat

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