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Take a big step forward with Learn Filipino: Book Two.

Learn then use compound and complex sentences like a native speaker.
Combine simple sentences into compound sentences.
Combine simple sentences into complex sentences:
- to say what you know or think
- to relate two events in time
(when, while, whenever, before, after)
- to say something happens "because . . ."
- to say "if" something happens
- to say something happens "so that . . ."

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Double your Filipino language skills.

Improve your mastery of verb focus: actor, object and beneficiary focus

Feel at home in the use of ba, daw / raw, din / rin, ho / p, kas, kay, lamang / lang, man, muna, na, namn, ng, pa, pal, sana, tuly, yat. Omit these words, and your sentences would be missing that distinctly Filipino style. Use them, and native speakers will think you are one of them.

Learn five hundred new words, grouped by topic or situation. At the end of this book, you can expect to have a vocabulary of the 1000 most frequently-used words in the language.

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