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Philippine Art Cards

Amorsolo-Tinikling-1956 Amorsolo-Fishermen-1939 Amorsolo-Yellow-Umbrella-1958 Amorsolo-Rice-Planting-1951
There are more images. Images used by permission of Amorsolo Art Foundation.
Sending note cards is timeless.
Like a childhood friend or a favorite lolo or lola.
There's something special about receiving a handwritten card
and holding it in your hands, as you read its personal message.
Send one today to somebody special.
A handwritten note card.
With an Amorsolo* painting on it.
And a personal message from you.
Get a pack today.

Note Cards, Pack of 13

Pack of 13 Note Cards, $20 (assorted; linen and glossy; 5 x 7; blank inside, for your personal message; with envelopes)

Postcards, Pack of 13

Pack of 13 Postcards, $10 (assorted; glossy, 4 x 6)

If you're in the U.S. and you prefer to pay by check, send check for total amount to: Magsimba Press, 1821 Bruce Rd. NE, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30329

* The cards feature images of paintings by Fernando Amorsolo, National Artist of the Philippines, 1972. Amorsolo painted landscapes, farmers and townfolk. He approached nature directly, painting outdoors and capturing the splendor of colours under a tropical sunlight. His style is easily recognizable and appreciated by lovers of art. "That's an Amorsolo," people would say when they see one of his paintings. His works describe life in the Philippines before World War II.
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